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LucLife provides compassionate patient-centred care in familiar home environment and in lieu of high costs related to acute and sub-acute healthcare facilities. Home care is the umbrella term given to care services provided at home on a live-in or visiting basis to promote independence and quality of life. Home care offers the extra support, reassurance, and companionship that may be needed to continue living independently at home.

Owner and founder, Amanda Jeffery, started the LucLife business (then called A-Motus) in 2015 as a result of her own mother’s diagnosis of colon cancer. She found it to be the most traumatic experience of her life, despite being a medically qualified professional with decades of experience. Everything Amanda and her mother went through together was surreal and new and the reality was that although medically trained and knowledgeable, nothing could have prepared them for the emotional impact of the sudden medical diagnosis of the person she loved most in the world. Not only was she to remain calm, caring and supportive, but she was to be there for her family as well. 

The home care that followed an intense colon operation for Amanda’s mom opened up a whole new world of inspiration to do better than the poor excuses and loopholes available for home care at the time. LucLife has since branched out to include not only quality home-based assisted medical health care, but also offers medical staff placements, training, wellness and occupational services. 

All because we get that caring for your loved one in their time of need requires more than patient health care and/or rehabilitation. It’s about nurturing, comfort, dedication and bedside manner, to the patient and their family members.